Built to Last

We believe that women deserve shoes of unparalleled excellence that will stay with them for a lifetime. Our shoes are crafted in Portugal by fifth-generation cobblers who specialize in the time-honored Goodyear Welt construction method, which means that your pair can be resoled for a lifetime of wear.

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Shoes of Unparalleled Excellence

There is something incredibly special in keeping the heart and sole of shoemaking alive. Our shoes are handcrafted at a family-owned factory in Portugal using the Goodyear Welt construction; the most traditional method of shoemaking, designed so that each pair will age with grace and last a lifetime.

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Hand-Sourced Materials

The upper, or the pattern which makes up the top part of the shoe, is comprised of the highest quality Italian leathers and textiles stitched by hand to create the look of the silhouette.

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Tailored for a Woman

The last, hand-carved by a skilled craftsman, determines the shape of the shoe. The creation of a last is truly a work of art - Angela and her team spend months, sometimes years, developing these bespoke lasts, carefully considering how they will fit for a woman.

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A Patient Approach

Once the upper is pulled by hand over the last, it is hammered on and left for at least two full weeks to form to the shape. This part of the process distinguishes a good shoe from a great one - the longer the form sits, the better.

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Natural Comfort

At the center of the shoe lies this secret weapon - the cork insole board. Breathable and moldable, we use cork because it not only absorbs moisture and remains odor-free, but over time it molds beautifully to your foot, creating an incomparably comfortable fit.

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Soft to the Touch

The sock liner is the surface that your foot will sit on in the shoe. Crafted with hand-stitched calfskin and cork, our sock liner is designed to be soft, natural and, above all else, comfortable for hours of wear.

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Goodyear Welted

The welt is a ribbon of leather sewn around the perimeter of the upper which holds the component parts of the shoe together. Invented by Charles Goodyear, this labor-intensive construction allows for the welt to easily be unstitched from the upper so that the sole can be replaced; creating shoes to last a lifetime.

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No Detail Too Small

A shoe is meant to be admired from all angles. Even our vegetable tanned leather outsoles are beautifully embossed with our signature logos as a testament to hand craftsmanship.

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A Heritage of Craftsmanship

Unique to Angela Scott designs, the rubber dovetail heel strike is an homage to Angela's grandfather who worked in the furniture industry. Composed of stacked leather and hand-painted, the heel also features a gentleman's corner - a slight notch that was originally featured in men's shoes so their long trousers wouldn't catch as they walked.

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An Investment for a Lifetime

The end result is a shoe that prioritizes craftsmanship and quality over trend and fast fashion - an investment piece of the highest caliber.

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