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Angela's Top 10 Golden Rules

"There are so many learning opportunities that come from being an entrepreneur. I’ve had crazy highs and lots of lows, and along the way I’ve had the pleasure of building a team of 13 exceptional women who teach me new things every day. They say that the Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated and as this business grows I am learning more and more about who I want to be as a woman business owner. In celebration of our 10th Anniversary here are my top 10 Golden Rules."

- Angela Scott, Founder & Designer

1. Don't underestimate the power of intuition.

2. Ditch the maybes.

3. There are no departments. Titles don’t mean anything, value all the opinions on your team.

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4. Less talking, more doing. Stop telling me what you’re doing, just do it.

5. Get out of the office. Lunch is not to be eaten at a desk. Go hug a tree, walk a dog, or smell the fresh air.

6. Celebrate even the smallest of wins.

7. It never hurts to make the ask.

8. Even CEOs need PTO.

9. Trust the process.

10. Enjoy the journey.

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