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For Women Who Mean Business

We believe in celebrating the immeasurable power of women.

There is such beauty in a woman's strength. And strength comes from confidence; so when you have a shoe that supports who you are, the possibilities are limitless. From elegant brogues to edgy Chelsea boots, our shoes are constructed with impeccable craftsmanship and clever tailoring for a woman. Because women deserve a wardrobe that’s equal parts beauty and function.

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Meet Angela Scott

Early in her career, Angela Scott spent most of her time on project sites with groups of men. "I found myself filling a total stereotype of an impeccably dressed woman running behind men in high heels - just trying to keep up with the boys. With The Office of Angela Scott, I wanted to create a brand that honored women. That gave them the same confidence, ease and sophistication that men had in their daily life."

Not only that, but the company is woman-owned, woman-run and woman-funded—the perfect trifecta.

"A woman can be confident, sexy and intelligent in comfortable shoes."

Angela Scott, Forbes.com

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Goodyear for Women

A Goodyear constructed shoe is timeless; it will never go out of style and is indeed the finest made shoe in the world. In order to give women the best possible foundation to stand with confidence, we use this method to craft shoes that combine feminine sophistication with the utmost in quality & craftsmanship. What's more, they can be resoled for a lifetime of wear.

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